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ESA offers a wide variety of styles for kids as young as 6 months!


Pre Ballet/Tap

Ages 3-6 will be introduced to ballet and jazz technique through the use of props, fun music, and beginner movements. This is a combo class meaning it is split in half by utilizing half of the class for ballet and the other half for jazz/tap. 



Ages 3-6 will be introduced to specific Ballet techniques. Students enrolled in this class will begin to learn the basic techniques which make up the art of Ballet. They will learn proper placement, terminology, etiquette, flexibility and basic movements to further them into higher placements. Expressions prides itself on our advanced ballet instruction. Our Artistic Director, Casey Hartman, is highly qualified to bring all students through the art of dance specializing in ballet, she gives each student the one on one attention they need while enforcing proper Ballet class etiquette. 


Tiny Tappers

Dancers ages 3-6 will learn the foundations and basic technique of tap dancing. What child doesn't love to make some noise and stomp around? We will have your child  "shuffle hop stepping" everywhere you go! Our Co-Director, Chloe Kastner is head of our tap program. Her passion for teaching tap and reaching each students personal rhythms makes this class extremely unique. 

Dancing with Daphne

Ages 6mos - 6years will enjoy a sing along and dance along parent and me style class. Students (and parents!) will learn about different instruments as well as how to play them. New songs are taught weekly that can be sung at home too! Dancing with Daphne ensures fun for the whole family!


Dress Code: 

Stretchy clothes that and you and your child can move in comfortably.

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